Asteria Regio

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Asteria Regio
Asteria and Phoebe Regio.jpg
Asteria Regio and Phoebe Regio, as imaged by the Magellan spacecraft. Asteria Regio is in the northwest, Phoebe Regio in the southeast.
Feature typeRegio/region
Coordinates21°36′N 267°30′E / 21.6°N 267.5°E / 21.6; 267.5Coordinates: 21°36′N 267°30′E / 21.6°N 267.5°E / 21.6; 267.5
Diameter1,137 KM
EponymAsteria, Greek titaness

Asteria Regio is a region on the planet Venus. It is bordered on the southeast by Phoebe Regio. It is located in the Hecate Chasma (v28) quadrangle.[1]


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