Asterix (Asterix album)

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Asterix (album).jpeg
Studio album by Asterix
Released 1970
Recorded 1970
Genre Progressive rock
Label Decca (original release)
Telefunken/East West (1998 CD reissue)
Arcàngelo/East West (2011 CD reissue)

Asterix is the only album by Asterix, a predecessor of the band Lucifer's Friend.

Track listing from original LP (1970)[edit]

1."Look Out"Hildebrandt-Winhauer3:07
2."Gone from My Life"Hesslein, Lawton, Cavanna3:28
3."Broken Home"Hesslein, Lawton, Cavanna4:24
4."Time Again"Hecht, Lawton, Cavanna3:06
5."Jump into My Action"Horns, Lawton, Cavanna3:30
6."Open Up Your Mind"Hesslein, Lawton, Cavanna3:14
7."Corner Street Girl"Hesslein, Lawton, Cavanna4:04
8."Change in You"Horns, Lawton, Cavanna4:06
9."Morning at My Dawn"Hesslein, Lawton, Cavanna6:53

Bonus from release 1998 Telefunken-Decca (single 1970)[edit]

1."Everybody"Tommy Roe, arranged by Hesslein, Hecht, Horns, Monroe, Rietenbach3:01
2."If I Could Fly"Hesslein, Hecht, Horns, Monroe, Rietenbach3:00


  • John Lawton - vocals
  • Tony Cavanna - vocals
  • Peter Hesslein - guitar, vocals
  • Peter Hecht - organ, piano, keyboards
  • Dieter Horns - bass, vocals
  • Joachim Rietenbach - drums, percussion
  • George Monroe - vocals (bonus)
  • Herbert Hildebrandt-Winhauer - producer


  • LP - Asterix (Decca, 1970)
  • CD - Asterix (Larghetto, 2000)
  • CD - Asterix (Minority Records, 2006)


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