Asterix (1993 video game)

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Asterix NES.jpg
Cover arts of NES version (above) and Super NES version (below)
Developer(s)Bit Managers (NES, GB)
Infogrames (SNES)[1]
Composer(s)Alberto González[2](NES, GB)
Frederic Mentzen[3](SNES)
Super NES
Game Boy
Genre(s)2D action platformer[1]

Astérix is the name of three 1993 platform games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super NES and Game Boy. The game are based on the comic book series Asterix, and are part of a series of games based on this license. These games were only made available in PAL format due to their exclusive European release.[5]


Asterix preparing to face a Roman soldier in the SNES version

The player controls the short and mustached Gaul who has to progress through levels located all across Europe, fighting Romans and various aggressive animals along the way, to rescue his friend Obelix before Caesar throws him to the lions.[5] The gameplay takes place in 50 BC.[5] Gaul is entirely occupied by the Romans.[5] One small Gaulish village continues to defy the occupying forces, thanks to a magic potion which makes them invincible.[5] But now Obelix has vanished. The Romans have confirmed his capture and taken him to an unknown destination.[5]


Both Asterix and The Smurfs were much more popular in Europe, and most of the games in their respective series never made it over into the North American market.[4]

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