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Numerous postage stamps from various countries have released postage stamps depicting scenes and images from the comic book series Asterix by Goscinny and Uderzo.

List of stamps[edit]

Guernsey, 1992[edit]

A series of six stamps depicting various naval scenes from the adventures.

France, 1999[edit]

A single stamp and a minisheet showing Asterix.

Belgium, 2005[edit]

A set of six stamps, five showing characters, and the sixth showing a scene from the book Asterix in Belgium.

Tadjikistan, 2001[edit]

A Block of nine stamps, with showing motives of the books

Tadjikistan, 2002[edit]

A block of nine stamps, showing 7 motives of "loney toons" and 2 "Asterix"-motives of the books

Kyrgyzstan, 2001[edit]

A block of Film-motives (Famous Movies), one of them showing Obelix

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