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AsteroidOS logo.svg
AsteroidOS - Watchface-default.png
AsteroidOS 1.0 default watchface
DeveloperFlorent Revest[1]
Written inQt/QML
OS familyUnix-like
Working stateActive
Source modelOpen source[2]
Marketing targetSmartwatch

AsteroidOS is an open source operating system designed for smartwatches.[3][4][5] It is available as a firmware replacement for some Android Wear devices.[6] The motto for the AsteroidOS project is "Hack your wrist."[7]

Software Architecture[edit]

AsteroidOS is built like an embedded Linux distribution with OpenEmbedded.[8] It works on top of the Linux kernel and the systemd service manager.[9] AsteroidOS also includes various mobile Linux middlewares originally developed for Mer and Nemo Mobile such as lipstick and MCE.[10]

The user interface is completely written with the Qt5 framework.[11] Applications are coded in QML with graphic components coming from Qt Quick and QML-Asteroid. An SDK with a cross-compilation toolchain integrated to Qt Creator can be generated from OpenEmbedded for easier development.[12]

Asteroid-launcher is a Wayland compositor and customizable home screen managing applications, watchfaces, notifications and quick settings. Asteroid-launcher runs on top of the libhybris compatibility layer to make use of Bionic GPU drivers.[13]

AsteroidOS offers Bluetooth Low Energy synchronization capabilities with the asteroid-btsyncd daemon running on top of BlueZ5.[14] A reference client named AsteroidOS Sync is available for Android users.[15]

Shipped Applications[edit]

As of the 1.0 release, the following applications are shipped and pre-installed by default in AsteroidOS:[16]

  • Agenda: Provides simple event scheduling capabilities
  • Alarm Clock: Makes the watch vibrate at a specific time of day
  • Calculator: Allows basic calculations
  • Music: Controls a synchronized device's music player
  • Settings: Configures time, date, language, Bluetooth, brightness, wallpapers, watchfaces and USB
  • Stopwatch: Measures an elapsed time
  • Timer: Counts down a specified time interval
  • Weather: Provides weather forecast for five days

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