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1976 the Band
Chinese name 1976
Origin Taiwan
Genre(s) Rock
Label(s) SonyBMG (2008-present)
Years active 1996–present
Influenced by The Smiths
New Order
Website http://the1976.com/
Big Brother(drum)
Past members

1976 the band is a Taiwanese Band formed in the summer of 1996. They were named "1976" because the original members were mostly born in 1976.

1976 is one of important rock bands in Taiwan, has been invited by lots of international festivals, such as Formaz Festival, Spring Screm, and Urban Simple Life and so on. They have accumulated a great deal of creations. Moreover, lyrics as poetry are one of their characteristics. If you never have chance to join 1976’s live, at least you could own their works and dancing with 1976’s music.


1976 the band was formed in 1996, named "1976" because the original members were born mostly in 1976: Zac Chang, Raykai Chen, U-Zen Wang, Shi-Chon Tsai. They were students at that time. The members of 1976 now are Zac Chang (guitar,張崇偉,nickname 大麻), Raykai Chen (vocal & acoustic guitar, 陳瑞凱, nickname 阿凱), Warren Lin (drums, 林雨霖, nickname 大師兄), and Chouc Lin (bass, 林子喬, nickname 子喬).

The 1st album of 1976 "1976-1" was published by themselves in 1999. Then their second album ”Sense of direction”(2000) and third album “Encourage with love” (2001) were awarded by Media and The Association of Music Workers in Taiwan continuously, published by an important indie music record brand in Taiwan, Crystal Record.

For something as many Taiwanese bands must through, like national service, members changed and etc. 1976 was suspended between summers of 2001 and 2003. They were back in Formaz Festival 2003.

Their 4th album, the first one after their pause, "Still the New Wave Flow" was published in 2006 and recorded in BeiJing, China.

In 2008, their fifth album "Asteroid 1976" released, published by SonyBMG. 2009,Oasis Live in Taipei 2009 opening guest in April. In November, their 6th album, "Manic Pixie Dream Girl", released.

In 2010, 1976 joined the original soundtrack album of Taiwan movie "MONGA". More, 1976 named the Best Group of the 21st Golden Melody Awards (Pop Music) by the 6th album "Manic Pixie Dream Girl".

The first time 1976 performed in foreign country was in Japan, 2006. In summer of 2010, they participated World Routes Summer Festivals 2010 in Toronto, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In January 2011, they participated in Taiwan Night held by Government Information Office with Suming, Deserts Chang & Algae in Paris and Cannes, France.


Studio albums[edit]

  • 1976-1 (1999)
  • Sense of Direction (2000)
  • Encourage with Love (2001)
  • Still the New Wave Flow (2006)
  • Asteroid 1976 (2008)
  • Manic Pixie Dream Girl (2009)


  • In Clubbing We Trust (2007)

Unplugged albums[edit]

  • Late Summer of 1976 (2004)


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