Asterousia Mountains

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The Asterousia Mountains are a range in southern Crete separating the Messara Plain from the Libyan Sea.[1] Evidence of ancient Cretan cultures have been found in excavations performed within sites contained in this range; moreover, one of the most significant Minoan sites on Crete has been excavated at nearby Phaistos to the north; apparently, the Phaistos palace was designed to permit views over the expansive Messara Plain and the Asterousi Mountains.[2] A further historical name for this range is reported by Encyclopædia Britannica as the Kofinos Range, named after the highest peak of Asteroussia, Kofinas (1231m).[3]

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Coordinates: 34°58′N 25°05′E / 34.967°N 25.083°E / 34.967; 25.083