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Astin is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Real people[edit]

  • Alexander Astin (born 1932), US education professor emeritus
  • Ali Astin (born 1996), US actor, singer-songwriter, voice artist, and model; daughter of Sean Astin
  • Allen V. Astin (1904–1984), US physicist and director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Anne Astin, Australian biochemist and forensic expert
  • Helen Astin (1932–2015), Greek-born US education professor emerita
  • James Astin (1900–?), English footballer
  • John Astin (born 1930), US actor and acting teacher
  • Mackenzie Astin (born 1973), US actor and son of John Astin and Patty Duke
  • Patty Duke Astin, now known as Patty Duke (1946–2016), US actor, singer, author, and mental health advocate; ex-wife of John Astin
  • Sean Astin (born 1971), US actor, director, producer, and voice artist; son of Patty Duke; adopted son of John Astin
  • Barrett Astin (born 1991), American pitcher
  • Skylar Astin (born 1987), US actor and musician

Fictional characters[edit]

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