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This article is about a local government district. For the brewery, see Aston Manor Brewery. For the school, see Aston Manor Academy.
Aston Manor
 • 1901 77,326
 • 1911 75,029
 • Created 1869
 • Abolished 1911
 • Succeeded by County Borough of Birmingham
Status Local board of health 1869 - 1903
Urban district 1894 - 1903
Municipal borough 1903 - 1911
The Arms of The Municipal Borough of Aston Manor

Aston Manor was a local government district in what is now northern Birmingham, from the 19th century to 1911, when it was added to Birmingham.

The Aston Manor Local Board of Health was formed in 1869, from part of the ancient parish of Aston. It became an urban sanitary district in 1875, and then under the Local Government Act 1894 became an urban district with a directly elected council. Aston Manor covered the area today known as Aston, including Aston Park, along with Lozells. It was immediately to the north of the county borough of Birmingham.

Aston Manor was granted a charter of incorporation to become a municipal borough in 1903. The census of 1911 recorded a population of around 75,000 in the borough, enough for it to become a county borough in its own right.[1] It instead was added to the county borough of Birmingham that year.[2]

Notable people[edit]

  • Victor Johnson, (1883–1951) was a track cycling racer who, in 1908, won a gold medal at the Olympics. He became World Amateur Sprint Champion in Germany and the British National Quarter-mile Champion.


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Coordinates: 52°30′N 1°53′W / 52.50°N 1.89°W / 52.50; -1.89