Astorre II Manfredi

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Portrait of Astorre II Manfredi by Mino da Fiesole (1455, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.

Astorre II Manfredi (December 8, 1412 – March 12, 1468) was lord of Imola from 1439 and of Faenza from 1443.

He was born in Faenza, the son of Gian Galeazzo I Manfredi. Apart Faenza and Imola, he was Papal vicar at Fusignano and other lands in Romagna together with his brother Gian Galeazzo II. He also fought as captain for several local rulers.

In 1431 he married Giovanna da Barbiano, daughter of the famous condottiero Alberico da Barbiano. His sons Carlo and Galeotto were both lords of Faenza after Astorre's death.


Preceded by
to the Duchy of Milan
Lord of Imola
Succeeded by
Taddeo Manfredi
Preceded by
Guidantonio Manfredi
Lord of Faenza
With: Giangaleazzo II Manfredi 1443-1465
Succeeded by
Carlo II Manfredi