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Astra Taylor (born 1979[1]) is a Canadian-American documentary filmmaker, writer, activist and musician.


Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Taylor grew up in Athens, Georgia,[2] and was unschooled until age 13.[3] She attended Brown University for a year and dropped out of graduate school at the age of 21 to pursue film making hands on with involvement with Miracle Tree and Persons of Interest.[4] Taylor holds an MA in Liberal Studies from the New School. She has taught sociology at the University of Georgia and SUNY New Paltz. Her writings have appeared in numerous magazines, including n+1,[5] Adbusters,[6] The Nation,[7] Salon,[8] and The London Review of Books.[9]

Taylor is the sister of painter and disability activist Sunny Taylor,[10] and is married to Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel.[11] She joined Neutral Milk Hotel onstage for a number of shows in 2013 and 2014, playing guitar and accordion.[12] She is a vegan.






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