Astral (band)

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Origin San Francisco, California
Genres Shoegazing
Years active 1999–present
Members Dave Han
Past members

John Robles

Scott Christy

Astral is a shoegaze group based in San Francisco, California. Astral was formed by singer-guitarist Dave Han and drummer Shawn in 1999; bassist Amy Rosenoff joined them in 2001. Their vocals are frequently compared to those of The Cure; other influences include My Bloody Valentine and Joy Division.[1] Their music is of an ethereal, melodic nature; this ambient sound is created largely by heavy use of distortion and feedback effects in Han's guitar. Astral are also notable for incorporating improvisation into their live performances.[2] In 2002, Astral released a self-produced EP, "Only Sometimes". In 2003, Astral released an LP, entitled "Orchids". Two songs from that album, "Raining Down" and the title-track instrumental, were preloaded in the Rio Carbon MP3 Players. In 2008 the band released their second album Sleepwalker.

Current Lineup[edit]

  • Dave Han - Vocals, Guitars
  • Gary Hews - Bass
  • Mark Shriver - Drums

Original Lineup[edit]

  • Dave Han - Vocals, Guitars
  • Shawn Nakano - Drums, Percussion
  • Amy Rosenoff - Bass


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