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UPC Romania
Private company
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1992
Headquarters Bucharest, Romania
Area served
Robert Redeleanu CEO
Products Telephony
Broadband Internet
Cable Television
Revenue $173.3 million[1]
Number of employees
1600 (2009)
Parent Liberty Global
Website www.upc.ro

UPC Romania is the second largest cable television operator in Romania (after RCS & RDS).[2] UPC Romania provides television, broadband Internet, and telephone services to 1.9 million customers as of 31 December 2014.[1] The company has more than 1.600 employees. It is a local branch of Liberty Global, an international telecommunications and television company.

UPC Romania also offers a wide range of fixed line voice, broadband data & internet products, and hosting services to business customers ranging from SOHO customers to large multinational companies.[1]

UPC Romania has operated on the Romanian market since 1992. In 2005, UPC Romania acquired Astral Telecom (a process that ended on October 1, 2006).

Founded in Cluj-Napoca as Astral Telecom S.A. in 1993, it is currently the owner of the largest cable network in Romania, and is also one of the most important Romanian ISPs, having about 900,000 customers (2005) and generating 25% of the web traffic in Romania.

Astral was rebranded in 2003 by Brandient, when it launched a new marketing image as well as the motto Created to evolve (Creat să evolueze in Romanian).

In 2005, Astral Telecom S.A. was bought for $420 million by UGC Europe and renamed UPC-Astral. At that time, UPC-Astral had 1.28 million customers for its TV cable service, 50,000 for the broadband (cable) Internet service, and 30,000 for the phone-over-TV-cable service.

Product roadmap[edit]

  • UPC Romania offers analog cable service with up to 59 channels, depending on location and package. Its digital TV offering includes over 100 channels (including the channels in its analog service), which is available to 91% of its homes passed. UPC Romania offers premium channels and packages, including HBO and Cinemax to analog and digital subscribers for an additional fee. Through its digital service, UPC Romania also offers DVR and HD-DVR time-shifting capability and HD programming.
  • UPC Romania also offers Focus Sat, a digital satellite television service that provides 45 channels in its basic service with additional specialty channels and premium packages available as well as numerous radio stations in digital quality.[3]
  • UPC Romania offers many tiers of broadband internet services with download speeds ranging from 60 to 500 Mbit/s.
  • With UPC 3Play offer that the company launched in October 2007, for the first time on the Romanian cable communication market, a client who purchases television, internet, and telephony services in a package pays less for the total subscription.
  • UPC Romania offers Digital Telephone via a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system to over 70% of its homes passed. The only added-value service offered by the UPC Telephony Service is CLIP (Caller Line Identification Permission). UPC Romania Telephony service does not offer voicemail, call barring and call forwarding services.

Key facts[edit]

- As of June 30, 2014:

   Revenue: $148.4 million
   2.3 million homes passed
   1.9 million service subscribers (RGUs):
       1.2 million video subscribers, of which 515,000 are digital cable subscribers. Digital video services include DVR and HD.
       407,000 broadband internet subscribers. Internet speeds range up to 500 Mbit/s.
       305,000 telephony subscribers

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