Astral Weeks (Charles Mingus album)

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Astral Weeks
Astral Weeks (Charles Mingus album).jpg
Live album by
RecordedApril 14, 1964 in Copenhagen

Astral Weeks is an unauthorized bootleg album of Charles Mingus' music, released by "Moon Records" in Italy on vinyl and CD in 1990. The material was recorded live in Copenhagen, on April 14, 1964,[1] during Mingus's European tour that month and The European Tour.</ref>

The release contains only two tracks: "Fables of Faubus" and "Meditations"[2], although the full performance of his group's music that day also included other compositions that are absent from the Moon releases.

The bootleg was named after the Van Morrison album Astral Weeks. Mingus himself had no role in the naming or creation of this release, as it was an unauthorized appropriation of circulating material created long after his death.



  1. ^ The venue was the Great Hall in the Odd Fellows' Palace (Odd Fellows Palaet Store Sal) in Copenhagen. The Odd Fellows is a fraternal order and the venue has been used by many artists, such as the Thelonious Monk Quartet ("Monk in Copenhagen") and Victor Borge. Several citations refer to "The Old Fellow Palaet's Store Sal" (sic). This is either a misprint that has arisen along the chain of citation or an obscure joke.
  2. ^ Some of Mingus's works have names that come in several variations. This one is sometimes given as "Meditations On Integration" or "Meditations on wire cutters" and there are other variants