Astrebla Downs National Park

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Astrebla Downs National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Diamantina National Park 0316.svg
Astrebla Downs National Park
Nearest town or city Birdsville
Established 1996
Area 1,740 km2 (671.8 sq mi)
Managing authorities Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service
See also Protected areas of Queensland

Astrebla Downs is a national park in Shire of Diamantina, Queensland, Australia.[1]


Astrebla Downs is located in the Channel Country of outback Queensland, 1298 km west of Brisbane. The landscape is flat and barren with few trees.[2]


The park received an award in March 2007 by the WWF for being among the top 10 reserves of the decade. Recognition was given for the successful efforts to protect the bilby, an endangered mammal native to Australia.[3] By 2008 it was estimated the park contained a bilby population of around 300.[4] In 2009, a plague of long-haired rats descended on the park.[5] The large numbers of rats attract feral cats to the area which pose a threat to the bilby.

Astrebla Downs is also home to the stripe-faced dunnart.[2]


With Diamantina National Park, Astrebla Downs National Park forms part of the 7,627 km2 Diamantina and Astrebla Grasslands Important Bird Area, identified by BirdLife International as such because it is one of few sites known for the critically endangered night parrot. It also supports globally important populations of the plains-wanderer, Australian bustard, straw-necked ibis, white-necked heron, inland dotterel, Bourke's parrot, black and pied honeyeaters, gibberbird, Hall's babbler, chestnut-breasted quail-thrush, cinnamon quail-thrush and spinifexbird.[6]

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