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Astrid Njalsdotter (or Ástríðr Njálsdóttir) of Skjalgaätten (also Aestrith) (died 1060), according to an unsubstantiated legend in the Hervarar saga ok Heiðreks, may have been a Norwegian-born Swedish queen.

Her husband Ragnvald is usually identified with Ragnvald Ulfsson, the earl of Staraya Ladoga. The Sagas of Icelanders mention a wife and two sons to Ragnvald Ulfsson but none are identical with Stenkil or his mother Astrid. Her other possible husband might have been Emund the Old.

Astrid was born the child of the Norwegian nobleman Njal Finnsson (d. 1011) and Gunhild Halvdansdotter of the Skjalga family in Hålogaland in Norway. In ~1035 A.D., she married the Swedish jarl Ragnvald Ulfsson in his second marriage.

Because Rangvald Ulfsson has sometimes been regarded as the father of Stenkil, Astrid has sometimes been regarded as that king's mother.

Astrid is believed to have died in 1060.

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Astrid Njalsdotter
Died: 1060
Swedish royalty
Preceded by
Queen consort of Sweden
Succeeded by
Next known consort: Gyla