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The main menu of AstroMenace
The main menu of AstroMenace
Original author(s) Viewizard / Michael Kurinnoy
Developer(s) community
Initial release February 20, 2007; 10 years ago (2007-02-20)
Stable release
1.3.2 / 2013; 4 years ago (2013)
Development status active
Platform cross-platform (Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux and others)
Type Single-player Arcade game
License GPLv3 (source code)
CC BY-SA 4.0 (assets)
In-game screenshot.
Ship configuration screen.

AstroMenace is a 3D scrolling shoot 'em up arcade game, developed and published by Ukrainian independent game developer Viewizard.


AstroMenace was around 2006 in beta development phase by Viewizard's developer Michael Kurinnoy. While a Windows version was offered for $14.95 as Shareware early access title, having a free downloadable test version, a Linux version was offered as voluntarily donationware download.[1]

After full release in February 2007,[2] Viewizard sold the Windows version directly from their website for $19.95.[3]

In October 2007 the game's C++ source code in version v1.2 was released as free and open-source software under the GPLv3.[4] A fork called OpenAstroMenace was started on a repository. Some years later Viewizard moved its own development to this fork, by that unifying both branches and making the Sourceforge fork the official version. Ports for many platforms became later available, for instance for Mac OS X or the OpenPandora handheld.[5] The game's content became in 2016 re-released under an open content CC BY-SA 4.0 Creative Commons license.[6] Latest stable release is 1.3.2 from 2013, while development continues (as of May 2017).[7]


The game is basically a space shooter with the addition to buy new weapons, systems and hulls in order to improve your ship. You can earn money and experience points by destroying enemy aliens or pirates on each level. The experience points represent the "score" which makes your skill comparable to other players.


In December 2007 the UK magazine Linux Format rated AstroMenace with 8/10 credits.[8] In 2008 a Full Circle magazine review named Astromenace among a list of "Top 5 space games".[9] reviewed in 2010 the Linux version favourably, noting the graphic quality as "graphically unique. The quality of animation along with special effects is stunning [...] true eye-candy.".[10] named Astromenace in 2013 also as number one of a "19 Awesome Open Source Games for Linux" list.[11] Linux For You September 2009 ranked AstroMenace 4/5.[12]

Between 2007 and May 2017 the game was downloaded alone via over 40,000 times.[13]

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