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AstroTown is a small science-fiction eBook written in 2009 by Saulo Fonseca and published in 2010 by Smashwords. The book was written in English, but is also available in German and Portuguese versions, translated directly by the author.


The book depicts a future where humankind has left the Earth due to global warming, and they have decided to live in the International Space Station. There are 3.2 million residents in this future city in space, called AstroTown. The inhabitants decided to stay in the space station instead of colonizing other planets. We learn from the story that it would be easier to adapt to zero gravity than to send the entire city to a new planet. There is no mention of extraterrestrial life or super powers of any kind. At first, AstroTown is governed by a dictatorship, but the society stages a revolution to overthrow the dictator when a “normal human being,” cloned from the time when the humans lived on Earth, appears on the scene.



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