Astro (Japanese band)

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Years active1993 (1993)––present
Associated actsC.C.C.C.
  • Hiroshi Hasegawa
  • Rohco

Astro is a Japanese noise group, originally started in 1993 as a solo project of Hiroshi Hasegawa (長谷川洋, Hasegawa Hiroshi) of the group C.C.C.C.. Hiroshi Hasegawa uses assorted analog equipment including vintage Moog and EMS synthesizers. His music covers a wide range of styles in the noise field, from space music to psychedelically-tinged harsh noise. Since 2013, Astro has been a duo of Hiroshi Hasegawa and Rohco (Hiroko Hasegawa), who has played with Astro since 2009.[1]


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