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Astro TVIQ
Type Private Satellite Television
Country Malaysia
Availability National
Owner Astro
Launch date
Official website

Astro TVIQ is an Astro branded channel brought exclusively for Malaysians and Indonesians who own Astro. This channel is free as it is grouped under the Astro Family package. The viewership target is for children between the age of 4 to 15.

Programmes on this network are all based on education, exploration, arts, science, learning English, motivation and mathematics.

The programmes that are shown on this channel are taken from a few of the popular international television stations such as from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Okto, and programmes from the United States and Australia. Astro TVIQ also broadcasts some in-house programmes.

Since January 2010, it broadcasts selected foreign programmes dubbed in Bahasa Malaysia and later added Chinese in February 2009.

For some time in March 2006, G4 programmes were moved to this channel from TV Pendidikan.

Astro TVIQ is available on Astro's channel 610. In Indonesia, it was formerly available on channel 20 via Astro Nusantara.

Oh My English! Hello America and Oh My English! Season 3 are aired on Astro Maya HD.

List of programmes[edit]

Upcoming programmes[edit]

  • Chichi & Chacha (Malay version) (also aired on Astro Ceria and Astro Maya HD)
  • DIY Science Show (Chinese version) (also aired on Astro Xiao Tai Yang)
  • I Wonder Why? Seasons 1-3 (Chinese version) (also aired on Astro Xiao Tai Yang)
  • Language Bingo (Chinese version) (also aired on Astro Xiao Tai Yang)
  • The Social Camp (Chinese version) (also aired on Astro Xiao Tai Yang)

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