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Astro Glide
Private Company
Industry Medical Device
Founder Daniel Wray
Headquarters Vista, California, USA
Area served
Australia, Barbados, Canada, Iceland, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Middle East, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States.
Number of employees
< 50
Parent Biofilm Management, Inc.
Subsidiaries BioFilm, Inc.

Astroglide is a brand of personal lubricant marketed to "enhance intimate activities". It is manufactured by BioFilm Inc of Vista, California.

The inventor of Astroglide, Daniel Wray, formulated it while working on the cooling system of a space shuttle at Edwards Air Force Base in 1977. Wray said he was "trying to remove the oil from anhydrous ammonia and I ended up with this substance". This association with aerospace was responsible for the name of the brand. The name "Astroglide" was originally licensed to a small company in North Hollywood (in 1982). When the company failed in 1991, Wray was able to obtain the rights to the name.[1]

The bottles are typically recognizable by the vivid purple color of their labels. A new variant of traditional Astroglide was introduced in 2005, using an orange cap and color scheme; this new variety is referred to as a "warming liquid".

Although Astroglide's pH balance (slightly acidic) generally inhibits yeast growth, it is not recommended for use by those with yeast infections due to its glycerin content.[2] Astroglide has a new product in a green colored box which is glycerin and paraben free for those sensitive to such ingredients. Instead of glycerin, xylitol is used in the product, which has been shown to decrease yeast proliferation.[3]

5 oz (142 g) bottle of Astroglide, new style


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