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The Astrological Association is a British astrological organisation. The Astrological Association of Great Britain (AA) was formed in London on 21 June 1958.[1] Its founding members, notably John Addey and Roy Firebrace, were members of the Astrological Lodge of the Thesosophical Society.[2] John Addey later become President of the AA.[3] The AA produces three publications - the Astrological Journal, published six times a year, Correlation, published biannually, and the Medical Astrology Newsletter. In 2002 the AA said their membership was "something over a thousand".[3]

In 2013 the organisation was awarded charity status and the name was legally changed to 'The Astrological Association'.[4]

Aims and Objectives[edit]

The aims of the Astrological Association are: the advancement of education of the public by the critical study of astrology in all its branches; to encourage and draw together all students of astrology; to enlarge and integrate the knowledge of astrology; to co-ordinate and publish results as desirable and generally work for the more widespread understanding of astrology.[1]

It holds events and seminars throughout the year, along with an annual conference that draws astrologers from all over the world.


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