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Mflo astromantic.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedAugust 3, 2004
M-Flo chronology
Expo Bōei Robot Gran Sonik
Astromantic Charm School

Astromantic is the third studio album by the Japanese hip-hop group M-Flo. Remixes of songs from this album were released as Astromantic Charm School.

Track listing[edit]

  1. The Third Impact
  2. Miss You [M-Flo Loves Melody. & Ryohei Yamamoto]
  3. Starstruck - "The Return of the Luvbytes" [M-Flo Loves Ai, Emi Hinouchi & Rum (Heartsdales)]
  4. How to Be Astromantic
  5. Vanessa [M-Flo Loves Bloodest Saxophone]
  6. Way U Move [M-Flo Loves Dragon Ash]
  7. Get On! [M-Flo Loves Crystal Kay]
  8. Astrosexy [M-Flo Loves Chemistry]
  9. Listen to Your Heart
  10. The Love Bug [M-Flo Loves BoA]
  11. Life Is Beautiful [M-Flo Loves Double & Toku]
  12. I Wanna Be Down [M-Flo Loves Ryuichi Sakamoto]
  13. Rendezvous 2014
  14. Cosmic Night Run [M-Flo Loves Maki Nomiya & Crazy Ken Band]
  15. Reeewind! [M-Flo Loves Crystal Kay]
  16. Uchu No Uouo (Woah Woah of Space) [M-Flo Loves Boy-Ken & Black Bottom Brass Band]
  17. Curtain Call