Astronautic timeline

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This is an events timeline about astronautic history:

Date Event Description
27 May 1954 Project of an artificial satellite Sergei Korolev write to Dmitriy Ustinov about a possibility to plan an artificial satellite (it will be th Sputnik I).
4 October 1957 Sputnik I launch the world's first Earth-orbiting artificial satellite. Begin the Space Race.
3 November 1957 the first living mammal to orbit the Earth the first living mammal to orbit the Earth and the first orbital casualty by Sputnik II.
29 July 1958 NASA foundation The USA create the National Aircraft and Space Administration
12 April 1961 the first human spaceflight Yuri Gagarin is the first man orbit around the Earth by Vostok I.
20 July 1969 first man on the Moon Neil Armstrong by Apollo 11 is the first man walk on the Moon.
12 April 1981 Space shuttle first launch Columbia space shuttlewas the first spaceworthy space shuttle in NASA's orbital fleet.