Astronomica (album)

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Astronomica cover.jpg
Studio album by Crimson Glory
Released 1999
Genre Progressive metal
Heavy metal
Length 69:38
Label Spitfire Records
Crimson Glory chronology
Strange and Beautiful
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars [1]

Astronomica is the fourth album by the American progressive metal band Crimson Glory, released in 1999 via Spitfire Records (USA) and Rising Sun (Europe). After a long hiatus following their less-than-successful album Strange and Beautiful, the band reformed with Wade Black on vocals and Steve Wacholz (of Savatage fame) on drums. Although he is pictured in the album artwork (with the intention of being the new drummer), Wacholz never actually played on the record - a drum machine was used. Wade Black's vocal delivery was not appreciated by all fans, who were accustomed to Midnight's voice. Still, the album was greeted as a successful comeback.

Track listing[edit]

All music by Jon Drenning/Jeff Lords - all lyrics by Billy Martinez/Jon Drenning except were noted

  1. "March to Glory" (instrumental) – 3:28
  2. "War of the Worlds" (Drenning/Lords) – 4:08
  3. "New World Machine" (Drenning/Lords/Martinez) – 4:14
  4. "Astronomica" – 4:54
  5. "Edge of Forever" – 5:47
  6. "Touch the Sun" – 5:55
  7. "Lucifer's Hammer" (Drenning/Lords) – 4:25
  8. "The Other Side of Midnight" – 4:29
  9. "Cyber-Christ" (Drenning/Lords) – 5:14
  10. "Cydonia" – 5:47

"March to Glory" is a re-interpretation of the tune Boadicea, to be found on Enya (album) by Irish singer and songwriter Enya, which was released in 1987 and re-released in 1992 bearing the title "The Celts".

A limited edition was released with a second disc with 3 live tracks with Midnight on vocals, recorded at Manatee Civic Center on Sept. 2, 1989, limited to 5000.

  1. "Painted Skies" (J. Drenning, J. Lord, Midnight) - 7:10
  2. "Queen of the Masquerade" (J. Drenning, J. Lord, Midnight) - 6:19
  3. "Lost Reflection" (J. Drenning, J. Lord, Midnight) - 6:29

A limited edition remaster from 2008 on the Polish Metal Mind label expands the second disc with further studio and live material:

  1. War Of The Worlds - remake
  2. Astronomica - demo version
  3. Touch The Sun - demo version
  4. Dragon Lady - live *
  5. Eternal World - live *
  6. "Painted Skies" (J. Drenning, J. Lord, Midnight) - 7:10
  7. "Queen of the Masquerade" (J. Drenning, J. Lord, Midnight) - 6:19
  8. "Lost Reflection" (J. Drenning, J. Lord, Midnight) - 6:29


  • Wade Black - Vocals
  • Jon Drenning - Lead Guitar
  • Ben Jackson - Rhythm Guitar
  • Jeff Lords - Bass
  • Steve Wachholz - credited as drummer


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