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The Astronomical League is an umbrella organization of amateur astronomy societies.[1] Currently their membership consists of over 240 organizations across the United States, along with a number of Members-at-Large, Patrons, and Supporting members.[2]

The mission of the Astronomical League is to promote the science of astronomy through encouraging public interest via local astronomy clubs.

The Astronomical League provides a number of observing awards to members locating and describing certain specified astronomical objects or events, and produces a periodical publication, The Reflector.


Awards given by the league include the Leslie C. Peltier Award, the Jack Horkheimer Award and the National Young Astronomer's Award.

Leslie C. Peltier Award[edit]

The Leslie C. Peltier Award is an annual award given by the Astronomical League to an amateur astronomer who has contributed observations of lasting significance. It was created in 1980 and was first awarded in 1981.[3]

The award is named in honor of Leslie Peltier, an amateur astronomer from Delphos, Ohio, who was described by Harlow Shapley as "the world's greatest nonprofessional astronomer".[4]

National Young Astronomer's Award[edit]

The National Young Astronomer Award is an award given by the Astronomical League to students of high-school age who have excelled in astronomical research.[5]

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