L'Astronomie (magazine)

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L'Astronomie magazine, first issue, 1882.jpg
Cover of first issue
Editor-in-chiefFabrice Mottez
PublisherSociété astronomique de France
FounderCamille Flammarion
First issueJanuary 1, 1883; 137 years ago (1883-01-01)
Based inParis

L'Astronomie (French: [lastʁɔnɔmi]) is a monthly astronomy magazine published by the Société astronomique de France (French Astronomical Society). The first issue, dated 1882, was published on January 1, 1883. The editor-in-chief is the astronomer Fabrice Mottez. The magazine is available through subscription. It is also available in newspaper kiosks and magazine stands throughout France since 1 January 2008. It is distributed by Presstalis.


The magazine was established by Camille Flammarion and preceded the establishment of the Société astronomique de France (SAF). After SAF was founded in 1887, a second journal was created, the Bulletin mensuel de la Société Astronomique de France. The two existed in parallel up to 1894. In the December 1894 issue, Flammarion announced in an editorial that L'Astronomie would cease to exist.[1] From January 1895 to December 1910, only the Bulletin de la Société Astronomique de France was published. Starting from January 1911, the Bulletin was renamed L'Astronomie, while preserving the volume numbering of the Bulletin.


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