Astudillo, Palencia

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Official seal of Astudillo
Country  ESP
Comarca El Cerrato, Tierra de Campos
Autonomous communities of Spain Flag of Castile and León.svg Castilla y León
Province Bandera de la provincia de Palencia.svg Palencia
 • Mayor Luis Santos González (PP)
 • Total 122.95 km2 (47.47 sq mi)
Elevation 780 m (2,560 ft)
Postal code 34450
Area code(s) 979 822
Website Astudillo Town Council

Astudillo is a Spanish municipality in the autonomous community of Castilla y León belonging to the province of Palencia. It is located 29 km northeast of the provincial capital, and has 1,106 inhabitants (2011) with an area of 122.95 km².


There are several hypotheses that attempt to explain the origin of the name of the village. According to some, the name Astudillo comes from Roman times, specifically from Estatilio Tauro, the Roman general whose legions had their field operations in this Vaccaei region around the year 29 BC. Others associate it with the Asturians, settlers who came from the north with King Alfonso III "the Great" in the 9th century. Yet another theory associates the name Astudillo with the "small study" that bishop Conancio moved from Palencia to Astudillo, also around the 7th century.

Scholars of toponymy have their theory: apparently the origin of the name of the town is associated with Vascones and Celtic roots (atd = rock, tude = cave, shelter), with the Latin diminutive ellum would produce the meaning "small shelter in the hills".


Real Monasterio de Santa Clara founded by María de Padilla, mistress of King Peter I of Castile

Astudillo has ancient origins, Roman remains having been found within its surroundings. In the Middle and modern ages it was involved in textile production.

As a single town, Astudillo was one of the fourteen villages that made up the Castrojeriz district, which formed the Burgos commune, in the period between 1785 and 1833. In the 1787 Floridablanca Census, Astudillos fell under the ordinary jurisdiction of the Mayoralty lordship.

Astudillo was head of the judicial district from 1834 until the 1970s.


List of mayors since the democratic elections of 1979
Term Name of Mayor Political Party
1979–1983 Luis Alberto Nebreda Union of the Democratic Centre (Spain)
1983–1987 Luis Alberto Nebreda Popular Alliance (Spain)
1987–1991 Glicerio Castro,
from 1988 María Soledad Varela
1991–1995 Eugenio Duque Bustillo Popular Party (Spain)
1995–1999 Eugenio Duque Bustillo Popular Party (Spain)
1999–2003 Agustín Manrique González PSOE
2003–2007 Luis Santos González Popular Party (Spain)
2007–2011 Luis Santos González Popular Party (Spain)
2011– Luis Santos González Popular Party (Spain)



Demographic evolution
1842 1857 1860 1877 1887 1897 1900 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1981 1991 2001 2011
451 4.396 426 326 373 312 080 286 503 768 259 263 222 910 623 374 127 106


Astudillo's main activity include agriculture, the food industry and electricity production. There are several wind farms around the village, along with a 1 MW photovoltaic system and some other smaller ones.

Famous residents[edit]



Coordinates: 42°11′N 4°17′W / 42.183°N 4.283°W / 42.183; -4.283