Asuka Station

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This article is about the train station in Nara, Japan. For the Antarctic research station, see Asuka Station (Antarctica).
Asuka Station
Asuka station.jpg
Asuka Station
Prefecture Nara
(See other stations in Nara)
District Takaichi
Town Asuka
Neighborhood etc. 560, Ōaza Koshi
Coordinates 34°27′53″N 135°47′53″E / 34.464817°N 135.798187°E / 34.464817; 135.798187Coordinates: 34°27′53″N 135°47′53″E / 34.464817°N 135.798187°E / 34.464817; 135.798187
Postal code 634-0138
(in Japanese) 奈良県高市郡明日香村大字越560
Year opened 1929
Former name Tachibanadera Station
Present name since 1970
Rail services
Operator(s) Kintetsu
Line(s) Yoshino Line
Statistics 2,504 passengers/day 2008
Aiga bus inv.svg There is a bus stop near this station

Asuka Station (飛鳥駅 Asuka-eki?) is a railway station located in Asuka, Takaichi District, Nara, Japan, on the Kintetsu Yoshino Line.

Station layout[edit]

1 Yoshino Line for Yoshinoguchi, Shimoichiguchi and Yoshino
2 Yoshino Line for Kashiharajingū-mae and Osaka Abenobashi


Adjacent stations[edit]

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Kintetsu Corporation
Yoshino Line
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Kashiharajingū-mae   Limited Express   Tsubosakayama
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