Asuka Yūki

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Asuka Yūki
Native name 結城明日香
Born Arisa Shimizu[1][2]
Tokyo, Japan[3]
No. of adult films about 100[2]

Asuka Yūki (Japanese: 結城明日香, Hepburn: Yūki Asuka) is a prolific Japanese AV idol whose arrest for indecent exposure made international news in 2006.

Life and career[edit]

Asuka Yūki was born Arisa Shimizu (清水あり紗, Shimizu Arisa) in Tokyo, Japan.[1][2][3] Using the stage name, Asuka Yūki, she appeared in her first adult video in 2005. Within a year of her debut, she appeared in nearly 100 AVs.[2] One of the videos she appeared in was Mascot's April 2006 release, Apartment Wife: Afternoon Prostitute Wives (団地妻 昼下がりの淫ら妻たち),[4] an adult video title reflecting the venerable 21-film Apartment Wife series with which Nikkatsu initiated their mainstream softcore Roman Porno films in 1971.

Yūki made international news in August 2006 when she was arrested for indecent exposure after two Japanese citizens supplied police with images taken with their cell phone cameras of her being filmed while walking naked through the streets of central Yokohama on the afternoon of July 12, 2006. The president of the pornographic video company doing the filming, Shinsuke Inoue (井上慎介), was also arrested on the same charge of indecent exposure. Police said that Shimizu had also been filmed walking naked through Yokohama's Chinatown.[1][2] At the defendants' trial in Yokohama District Court on October 31, 2006, Inoue explained their actions as a kind of adult Candid Camera. They were given a suspended sentence of five months.[5]

Uncensored Japanese pornography[edit]

  • Gang Of Nymphos With Big Breats (2010)


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