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Asur are a people of India who live in the Indian states of Jharkhand and West Bengal.

History and professions[edit]

Asur were not farmers. The profession of the Asurs was mainly the metal works of iron. Asur community is one of the ancient metallurgist communities of the world. Very few of such communities exist today. They fall under Proto-Australoid category of ancient human who started migrating from Africa around 65,000 years ago.

Present Conditions[edit]

In Jharkhand, Asur live in very poor conditions like most of the other indigenous communities. They don't have basic amenities like health care, drinking water, education, etc. Bauxite mining in their area has caused many issues related to livelihood, pollution, etc. These days, a few Asur from the young generation in Jharkhand are fighting for their existence and to preserve their history & culture. Sushma Asur is one among the young Asur who is working in this area.

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