Asura Buster: Eternal Warriors

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Asura Buster: Eternal Warriors
AsuraBuster titlescreen.png
Title screen of Asura Buster: Eternal Warriors.
Developer(s) Y. Takahashi and team
Publisher(s) Fuuki
Composer(s) Akihiro Nishida
Platform(s) Arcade Game
Release December 26, 2000
Genre(s) 2D Versus Fighting
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Cabinet Upright
Arcade system FG-3
CPU 68EC020 (@20MHz)
Sound Sound CPU:
Z80 (@6MHz)
Sound Chips:
YMF262 (@14.32MHz), YMF278B (@33.87MHz)
Display Raster, 320 x 240 pixels, 8192 colors

Asura Buster - Eternal Warriors (アシュラバスター -エターナルウォーリアーズ-) is a 2000 one-on-one fighting arcade game developed and published by Fuuki. It is the sequel to the 1998 arcade game Asura Blade: Sword of Dynasty.


The gameplay system of Asura Buster is similar to its predecessor, in which it utilizes a three-button system while using a few of the same battle tactics such as air blocking, retreating and advancing, a roll and a jump up after being knocked down, a push back from within blocking, and a two-button melee attack. Like its predecessor, Asura Buster has a super gauge system, known as the Magic Gauge that's seen at the bottom of the fight screen and that a player is able to fill up their Magic Gauge through either attacking, being attacked, or using special moves. Once the player is able to gain a MAX level from within the Magic Gauge, they can then initiate either a Super Move, an EX Attack (which is a powered up variation of a special move) or a Boost Mode (which bestows special traits or characteristics upon the character for the remainder of the round, but forces them to not use Super Moves, EX Attacks, and two-button melee attacks). The combo system in Asura Buster is the same as in Asura Blade, in which moves are chained into more powerful moves, and then into specials. Three new tactics introduced in Asura Buster includes the Guard Breaker, in which a character can break through an opponent's defense and stun them for a few seconds, Break Fall, in which a character is able to automatically recover from a hit while in midair through the use of having to use up a meter of their Magic Gauge and Last Chance, in which a character can automatically come back to life after being K.O. by their opponent and is able to fight against them in a time limit last chance to win the match.


Three years have passed since the events of Asura Blade and the post-apocalyptic world has been in a state of calm and peace after the deaths of S. Geist and Curfue, both of whom were killed by Yashaou from within the last fight of the battle, but now, a new threat has arisen as the sudden and shocking sinking of a continent has placed the post-apocalyptic world into a state of chaos and destruction once more. A few of the fighters from the Asura Blade incident of three years ago, along with a few new warriors will find themselves being caught up from within a dark and shrouded conspiracy as a mysterious yet malevolent king aspires to become the new supreme lord of the world.


Returning Characters[edit]

  • Yashaou (Voiced by: Kyotomi Goshima): The main protagonist of the series. A hot-blooded swordsman who wields a katana while having mastery over the element of fire. Even though he was successful in defeating both S. Geist and Curfue from within the Asura Blade incident of three years ago, Yashaou's hard-fought victory had come at a tough price, in which he had suffered a large wound to his right arm and that he had increased the instability of his own fiery power. Despite this, Yashaou continues to live his own life as a traveling mercenary and decides to investigate the mystery of the lost continent for both money and curiosity.
  • Goat: A rough swordsman wielding a large black zweihander blade, as well as a spiked mace on a chain he can swing from his other arm. As Goat's nightmares about his family's death continues to increase and get worse, he fears and realizes that the growing stress and pressure of the nightmares themselves will drive him into a state of pure insanity. Goat resolves to eliminate this problem once and for all and sets his own sight on the mystery of the lost continent.
  • Rose Mary: A beautiful woman wearing a tight outfit and wielding a demonic sword. She also can attack with demons for short attack bursts, and create a temporary duplicate of the blade itself. Even though she was unsuccessful in finding the "Sword of Dynasty" from within the Asura Blade incident of three years ago, Rose Mary had still succeeded in restoring her family's kingdom back to its former glory. Upon hearing and learning about the mystery of the lost continent from a young boy she had met, Rose Mary decides to investigate in order to see and learn on what's going on at the moment.
  • Alice (Voiced by: Jidai Ogawa): A young girl wielding a special book that gives her control over the undead. Still determined to learn about the secret of immortality, Alice, who has now gotten a bit more powerful while learning new magic and having a skeleton familiar heads off on a new adventure in order to learn about the mystery of the lost continent, believing that it could help with her current research.
  • Taros: A large golem in that it can form parts of its body into various weapons. Upon encountering the same young boy who had met Rose Mary and learning about the mystery of the lost continent, Taros decides to begin a new mission in investigating the strange and unusual anomaly of the lost continent.
  • Zam-B (Voiced by: Kyotomi Goshima): A strange hunchbacked man that wears a mask and a massive gauntlet that he uses as his primary weapon. He also has the ability to vomit acid onto his opponents in a blob projectile. Failing in his mission of finding both the "Sword of Dynasty" and bringing Alice back home as well, Zam-B has since been locked up in prison. However, Alice's father has given Zam-B one last chance to do his job and has ordered him to find and bring Alice back home once and for all while investigating the mystery of the lost continent.

New Characters[edit]

  • Sittara: A blue-haired swordsman who wields a black sword and utilizes darkness-based powers. Sittara is a member of Yashaou's family's clan and was once considered a potential candidate in being the next patriarch for the clan along with Yashaou, but Sittara's mental instability and relentless obsession in fighting and defeating Yashaou had prevented this from happening and feeling and believing that Yashaou was the reason behind his denial and loss of being the clan patriarch, Sittara embarks on a murderous journey in order to find and kill Yashaou while investigating the mystery of the lost continent.
  • Leon: A blonde swordsman wielding twin long blades while having some degree of electrical elemental mastery with them. An arrogant and narcissistic knight who comes from the same noble yet reclusive kingdom as Lightning, Leon is ordered by his king to investigate the mystery of the lost continent.
  • Zinsuke: A samurai who wields a katana while relying on fast strikes and quick defenses. Coming from a distant oriental country, Zinsuke is ordered by his emperor to investigate the mystery of the lost continent while working with Rokurouta and Nanami.
  • Rokurouta: A ninja who uses shurikens, scrolls, crystals, and acrobatic skills and techniques. Much like Zinsuke, Rokurouta comes from a distant oriental country and is ordered by his emperor to investigate the mystery of the lost continent while working with Zinsuke and his young sister Nanami.
  • Chen-Mao: A female martial artist who uses her hands and feet as her weapons. Chen-Mao is the young disciple of Footee and that she fights and trains in order to be just like her mentor. Upon learning of Footee's disappearance from within a personal training journey, Chen-Mao sets out on a journey of her own in order to find Footee and at the same time, Chen-Mao finds herself investigating the mystery of the lost continent, feeling and believing that it might have something to do with Footee's disappearance.


  • Verbal: A strange pink slug-like creature that is fought from within a deep and dark cave. It can unleash a huge energy beam from its mouth and can also do many other wild attacks, such as a huge bite and a razor buzzsaw.
  • The King: A mysterious yet malevolent king who aspires to become the new supreme lord of the world. In battle, he transforms into a huge half-man, half-woman asymmetry entity who uses fire and ice attacks while wielding a huge sword.

Hidden Characters[edit]

  • Alice!: A playable version of Alice from Asura Blade. Alice!'s storyline from within Asura Buster implies that she had somehow time traveled three years into the future after the events of the first game and that she eventually gets herself involved from within the mystery of the lost continent.
  • Nanami: A kunoichi who happens to be the young sister of Rokurouta and that she can transform into any character whom she goes up against. Like Rokurouta and Zinsuke, Nanami comes from a distant oriental country and is ordered by her emperor to investigate the mystery of the lost continent while working with her older brother Rokurouta and Zinsuke.

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