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ASUS WebStorage
Developer(s) ASUS Cloud Corporation
Initial release September 2008
Development status Active
Operating system Cross-platform any operating system on x86-x64
Available in English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Turkish
Type Remote backup service
License Closed source (Windows, Mac & Linux)

ASUS WebStorage, operated by ASUS Cloud Corporation (a subsidiary of ASUS), is a cloud application service that enables users to back up, sync, and share files across desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

It offers 5GB free space of online storage (more for users of ASUS preloaded devices registered with the service[1]), with the ability to gain up to 10GB free space by referring ASUS WebStorage to others.

In February 2011, it reached four million users and attained ISO/IEC 27001 certification.[2]


  • Online backup
  • File Sync
  • Access files from any internet-connected device
  • Share
  • One Time Password (OTP) (paying users only)
  • Data Encryption (AES)

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