Asutosh College

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Asutosh College
Established 1916
Type Undergraduate, Postgraduate
Principal Dr. Dipak Kumar Kar
Students 4000
Location Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Campus Urban
Sports Rowing, Football, Cricket.etc.
Affiliations University of Calcutta
Website Asutosh College, Calcutta
Asutosh College.png

Asutosh College is a college affiliated to the University of Calcutta, situated in Kolkata, India. Situated in South Kolkata, it was established in the year 1916 as the South Suburban College, under the stewardship of educationist Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee, who was the then Vice-Chancellor of the University of Calcutta. The current principal is Dipak Kumar Kar.[1]


The National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) visited the college in October 2002 and accredited it with ‘C++’ grade, ended up at the bottom of the table of NAAC-rated colleges in the state, West Bengal. According to Antony Stella, NAAC adviser, the decision was taken on the basis of the institution's self-study reports and the findings of the NAAC.


In 1872, the General Committee of the South Suburban Group of Schools was established, presided over by mathematician Sir Asutosh Mukherjee. Forty-three years later, in 1915, permission was sought to establish a college in South Calcutta; a year later the government of India approved the upgrading of South Suburban School to an intermediate college, South Suburban College; Sir Asutosh was named as president of its governing body. The college began operations in July 1916, on Lansdown Road in Calcutta. A year later, it was moved to Russa Road. In 1918, the intermediate college was upgraded to a degree college, offering English, Bengali, Sanskrit, Philosophy, History and Economics (Political Economy and Political Philosophy).

South Suburban College building 1916-17

After Sir Asutosh died in 1924, the college was renamed after him. Teaching of science subjects began in the following year. In 1927, the Asutosh Mukherjee Memorial Institute appealed to Calcutta Corporation for a parcel of land in Hazra Park, to be leased for the construction of a new building, including a library and an auditorium.

In 1934, Sri Shyamaprasad Mukherjee became President of the Governing Body; he served in this capacity until his death. The college moved to its current location in 1935.

The present building occupies 40,000 square feet (3,700 m2), with fifty classrooms and room for about 4000 students. Twenty-eight subjects are taught as Honors/Major at the Undergraduate level.

Asutosh College Training Centre (ACTC) was formed in the Platinum Jubilee Year of the college (1991) to equip students for job-screening examinations.

In 1995, The Department of Computer Science was formed. The first undergraduate batch in Computer Science Honours degree was admitted in 2001.

In the year 2002, a post-graduation course in Environmental Science was introduced. All the departments have their own libraries; the science departments have laboratories.

In 2009, M.A./M.Sc. Course in Geography was introduced. And in 2011, B.Sc. (Hons.) in Environmental Science and M.A. Course in Bengali were introduced.

In 2012, Mother Teresa International Award was conferred to Asutosh College for outstanding achievement and contribution in the field of Best College of the Year - 2012.



Courses Offered.[3]

Undergraduate courses[edit]

B.Sc. Hons./Major/General Courses[edit]

Course Name Subject Combination
Bio-Chemistry (Hons.) Mathematics and Zoology
Botany (Hons.) Chemistry and Zoology
Chemistry (Hons.) Mathematics and Physics
Computer Sc. (Hons.) Mathematics and Physics
Mathematics and Statistics
Economics (Hons.) Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematics and Political Science
Electronics (Hons.) Mathematics and (Computer Science or Physics)
Environmental Science (Hons.) Chemistry and (Botany or Zoology)
Geography (Hons.) Economics and Sociology
Geology (Hons.) Mathematics and Chemistry
Mathematics and Physics
Mathematics (Hons.) Chemistry and Physics
Computer Science and Physics
Computer Science and Statistics
Microbiology (Hons.) Botany and Chemistry
Physics (Hons.) Mathematics and Chemistry
Mathematics and Computer Science
Psychology (Hons.) Economics and Sociology
Statistics (Hons.) Mathematics and Economics
Mathematics and Computer Science
Zoology (Hons.) Botany and Chemistry
Industrial Fish and Fisheries (Major) Chemistry and Zoology
B.Sc (General) Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics
Computer Sc., Mathematics and Physics
Chemistry, Geology and Mathematics
Physics, Geology and Mathematics
Botany, Chemistry and Zoology
Economics, Mathematics and Statistics

B.A. Hons./Major/General Courses[edit]

Course Name Subject Combination
Bengali (Hons.) (Philosophy or History) and (Sanskrit or Sociology or Elective English)
English (Hons.) Political Science and (Philosophy or History)
History (Hons.) Any two of : Political Science, Philosophy and Sociology
Journalism & Mass Communication (Hons.) (Elective English or Elective Bengali) and Political Science
Philosophy (Hons.) Any two of : Political Science, History and (Sociology or Elective English or Sanskrit)
Political Science (Hons.) Any two of : (Philosophy or History) and Sociology
Psychology (Hons.) History and Sociology
Sanskrit (Hons.) Any two of : (History or Philosophy) and (Elective English or Elective Bengali)
Sociology (Hons.) Any Two of : History, (Political Science or Economics), Elective English
Communicative English (Major) Elective English and (Political Science or History)
B.A. (General) Any Three of : (History or Philosophy), (Sociology or Elective Bengali or Sanskrit or Elective English) and (Political Science or Economics)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Course[edit]

Course Name Subject Combination
BBA (Hons.) As per Calcutta University norms. Detail information is available from the BBA Department at ACTC.

Postgraduate Courses[edit]

Master's Degree (Science/Arts) Courses[edit]

Course Name
Environmental Science (M.Sc.) Detail information is available from the Department of Environmental Science at ACTC Building.
Geography (M.Sc.) Detail information is available from the Department of Geography at the Main Building.
Computer Science (M.Sc.) Detail information is available from the Department of Computer Science at ACTC Building.
Zoology (M.Sc.) Detail information is available from the Department of Zoology at the Main Building.
Bengali (M.A.) Detail information is available from the Department of Bengali at ACTC Building.

Recently three UGC approved free Add-On Course on Tourism, Industrial Chemistry, Hospital waste disposal management were introduced by the college.[4]

Annexe building[edit]

The college has an annexe, constructed during the Platinum Jubilee Year (1991) of the college. It is located across Basanta Bose Road, which runs along the north side of the college. This building houses the reading section of the Central Library and several newly emerged as well PG departments. It also houses the Asutosh College Training Centre (ACTC). This was established to equip students for job screening examinations like WBCS, SSC, SET, NET etc.


Mother Teresa International Award conferred to Asutosh College for outstanding achievement and contribution in the field of Best College of the year 2012 on 28 April 2012.

Notable alumni[edit]

Artists and musicians[edit]

Filmmakers, theatre personalities and actors[edit]

Poets and novelists and non-fiction writers[edit]

===Politicians===Ritabrata Banerjee

Social Activists[edit]




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