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For the ancient Indian ritual with the same name, see Ashvamedha.
Created by Kairali TV
Presented by G. S. Pradeep
Judges G. S. Pradeep
Country of origin India
No. of seasons 3 (700+ episodes)
Location(s) Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum)
Running time 60 mins
Original network Kairali TV
Original release Season 1:2002
Season 2:2005-2006
Season 3:2014

Aswamedham was a reverse quiz program in Kairali TV,[1] a Malayalam channel, in the format of twenty questions. This program, anchored by "Grandmaster" G. S. Pradeep,[2][3] has entered the Limca Book of Records for the reaching 500 episodes.[4][5] The second part of the program was started in November 2005 in Kairali TV.[4] At one point, the Aswamedham set featured a galloping horse on a rotating pedestal.[6]

The Tamil channel Vijay TV aired the Tamil version of the program starting June 2006 under the name Grandmaster with Pradeep and Shilpa Kavalam as the anchor.[4] Aswamedham also refers to a drama written in the same name by Thoppil Bhasi.[7]


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