Asylet, Oslo

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Coordinates: 59°54′46.40″N 10°45′44.52″E / 59.9128889°N 10.7623667°E / 59.9128889; 10.7623667

Asylet at Grønland, with the facade facing the street
Asylet seen from the back

Asylet is the popular name of a building at Grønland 28 in Oslo, Norway. The building has also been called the "Communal Yard" (Norwegian: Kommunegården).

Asylet was built as a merchant yard around 1730 (annex 1798) in notched timber, with half-timbered and modified facade. From 1839 to 1865, the house was "an asylum for children" (hence the name, which means asylum in English), and from 1868 to 1903 it housed a hospital. In the period 1903-1965, the building housed a nursing home. It has also served as a courthouse and bank division (Akers Sparebank 1844 og Spareskillingsbanken 1851).

The building was conserved in 1967 and has been a ward house since 1992. Today, the building houses a café and restaurant with rental space and outdoor seating. In addition, various offices and workshops are also located in Asylet.

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