At One with the Shadows

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At One With The Shadows
Studio album by
ReleasedAugust 11, 2004
GenreThrash metal, black metal, melodic death metal
Skeletonwitch chronology
At One With The Shadows
Worship the Witch

At One with the Shadows is the first album released by American extreme m[1]etal band Skeletonwitch[2], released through Shredded Records. The album is currently out of print.

Track listing[3][edit]

1."The Skullsplitter"2:56
2."Every Rotten Corpse Shall Burn"3:45
3."Vengeance Will Be Mine"3:00
4."At One with the Shadows"3:15
5."Baptized in Flames"4:06
6."No Rest for the Dead"2:30
7."Onward to Battle"4:10
8."Within My Blood"3:40
9."Tragedy of Days"3:17
Total length:29:32



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