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Pronunciation Arabic pronunciation: [ʕatˤaː]
Persian pronunciation: [ʔætɒː]
Turkish pronunciation: [ˈata]
Gender Male
Word/name Arabic, Fante, Old Turkic
Meaning Gift in Arabic; one of the twins in Fante; forefather in Turkish
Region of origin Southeastern Europe, Asia Minor; Middle East; Western Africa
Other names
Alternative spelling ‘Aṭā, `Ata, 'Ata, Atta, & Ataa in Arabic; Ataa in Fante
Derived From Arabic atiyah, "gift"; from Old Turkic ata, "father", possibly from proposed Proto-Altaic *ĕ́t`e, "elder relative"
Related names Atiyah, Ataullah, and Ata-ur-Rahman in Arabic; Agata, Aminata, and Barbata in Fante

Ata is the anglicized form of several names.

Ata, Atta, or Ataa may refer more specifically to:

Given name[edit]



  • Ataa Oko (1919–2012), Ghanaian sculptor and artist


  • Ata Demirer (born 1972), Turkish stand-up comedian and actor
  • Ata al-Khadim (ʿAṭā al-Khādim; fl. mid-12th century), governor of Baalbek and viceroy of Damascus
  • Ata ibn Haffaz al-Sulami (ʿAṭā ibn Ḥaffāẓ al-Sulamī; fl. mid-12th century), eunuch and vizier of the emirate of Damascus



  • Mahmoud Mahmoud Atta (born 1954), American-Arab militant
  • Mohamed Atta (1968–2001), Egyptian Islamist, ringleader of the hijackers of American Airlines Flight 11 in the September 11 attacks
  • Shahla Ata (1959–2015), Afghan politician and congresswoman
  • Walid Atta (born 1986), Swedish footballer
  • Wasil ibn Ata (700–748), Islamic scholar



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