Atama soup

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Atama soup
Alternative namesAbak Atama
Region or stateCross River State
Associated cuisineNigeria
Main ingredientsVegetable, palm nut, atama leaf

Atama soup or Amme-Eddi is also called Banga Soup in pidgin English(Nigerian English) It is a kind of palm-fruit vegetable soup that originates from the Efik people of Cross River state, Urhobo and Isoko people of Delta State in South South Nigeria.[1][2][3] It’s a popularly food among the Delta, Cross River and Akwa Ibom State People of Nigeria. The Urhobo people of Delta state called it Amme-edi or Banga soup (banga being a colloquial Nigerian-English term).[4][5] The soup is made from palm fruit-pulp that is derived from palm fruit; the extracted palm-pulp is base primary ingredient for the soup. Atama or Amme-edi(Banga) soup is thick and dark brown in color. It’s normally prepared with choice of protein like fresh meat or dry meat(mostly bush meat), dry fish, fresh fish and sometimes shrimp(dry or fresh), periwinkle as added proteins for more enhanced flavor.[6][7][8] Ingredients: primary ingredients are fresh palm-pulp sourced from palm fruit, salt and pepper and secondary ingredients which are decided based on preference of the cooker are onions, salt, pepper(different kinds of pepper are preferences) and different kinds of spices could be added depending on the cooker preferred or desired taste or flavor. This soup could be styled into different flavors depending on cooking preferences. Every added ingredient could drastically change the taste of the food.[9][10][11]

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