Atari Mindlink

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Developer Atari
Type Video game controller
Connectivity Controller port

The Atari Mindlink is an unreleased video game controller for the Atari 2600, originally intended for release in 1984.[1] The Mindlink was unique in that its headband form factor controls the game by reading the myoneural signal voltage from the player's forehead.[2] The player's forehead movements are read by infrared sensors and transferred as movement in the game.[3]

Specially supported games are similar to those that use the paddle controller, but with the Mindlink controller instead. Three games were in development for the Mindlink by its cancellation: Bionic Breakthrough, Telepathy, and Mind Maze. Bionic Breakthrough is basically a Breakout clone, controlled with the Mindlink. Mind Maze uses the Mindlink for a mimicry of ESP, to pretend to predict what is printed on cards. Testing showed that players frequently got headaches[4] due to moving their eyebrows to play the game. None of these games were ever released in any other form.


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