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Atavistic Records is an American rock and jazz record label based in Chicago, Illinois, known particularly for its No Wave and free jazz recordings. It has released albums by Glenn Branca, Nels Cline, Lydia Lunch, Peter Brötzmann, various Ken Vandermark projects, Pinetop Seven, Swans, Elliott Sharp, Larry Ochs, Mars, Davey Williams, Brian Harnetty, and Poem Rocket, among others. The label was founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1985 by Kurt Kellison, initially as a video label producing live VHS recordings by bands such as Live Skull and The Flaming Lips. The label was relocated when Kellison moved to Chicago in 1988.[1]

Atavistic's Unheard Music Series imprint focuses on the reissuing of out-of-print free improvisation/ avant-garde jazz recordings.[2]

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