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Genre Software
Founded 1996 (Aonix)

San Diego, California, United States

Cheltenham, United Kingdom [1]
Area served
Key people

Richard Horsman- CEO

Kevin Lawrence - CFO
Products Artisan Studio®, Atego Asset Library™, Atego Process Director™, Atego ApexAda Developer™, Atego Perc™, Atego ObjectAda™, Atego Requirements Synchronizer™, Atego Check™, Atego Trace™, Atego X32™
Services Atego Global Services™

Phoenix, Portland, Tucson, Santa ClaraUnited States
Paris, Toulouse France
Wolfsburg, Nuremberg Germany


In January 2010, Aonix and Artisan Software Tools agreed to merge, forming a new company called Atego.[2]

Atego is a software development corporation headquartered in the USA and the United Kingdom with subsidiaries in France, Germany, and Italy.

PTC, Inc. announced on July 1, 2014 that it had signed a definitive agreement to acquire Atego, with a deal valued at approximately $50 million in cash.[3]

Aonix history[edit]

Aonix was formed in November 1996 by merging two software development tools companies: Interactive Development Environments, Inc. (IDE), a modelling, analysis and design tools developer, and Thomson Software Products (TSP).

Aonix' product lines included AdaWorld, Ameos, Architecture Component Development, ObjectAda, PERC, RAVEN, SmartKernel, Software Through Pictures, and TeleUSE.

Aonix was also owner of the Select Business Solutions product lines Nomad, Ultraquest and Select Solution Factory until the two groups split in 2003.

Aonix merged with real-time and embedded Java tools vendor NewMonics, of Tucson, Arizona in 2003, acquiring the PERC product line.


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