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Atelier One is a British structural engineering company, established in 1989 with offices in London and Brighton. The company has collaborated with architects, designers and artists (including Anish Kapoor and Rachel Whiteread), and is consistently experimental.

Past projects include a large number of large international projects including the shell structures of the Singapore Arts Centre, the development of Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia, and in the UK the Baltic Gallery in Gateshead and three buildings for White Cube in London. In addition to both public and private buildings, Atelier One is also involved in a variety of art installation projects, touring exhibitions and stages. Some of the most notable completed projects are Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate in Chicago and Stage Sets for U2, Rolling Stones and Take That. Atelier One recently completed a large project in Slovenia; the National Stadium and another one in Singapore called the Gardens by the Bay, which was recently awarded the ‚'World Building of the Year 2012' at the World Architecture Festival .

In all of these projects Atelier One continues to pursue efficient, aesthetic and ambitious engineering solutions.

Since the conception of Atelier One 20 years ago, one of their core aims of the practice has been to endeavour to achieve sustainability in construction. In an industry where this is very difficult to justify their approach is twofold: They strive to find the most efficient structural solutions requiring the least resources. In parallel, they are continually researching materials, systems and construction methods that reduce energy consumption and regulate harmful emissions. As part of a wider design team they embrace all new technologies carefully integrating them where appropriate to achieve more environmentally responsible proposals.



Atelier One was founded in 1989 by director Neil Thomas. Aran Chadwick joined the company in 1992, becoming a director in 1997. Neil was also co-founder of Atelier Ten, Environmental Engineers. Both directors are visiting professors to Yale University, New Haven, University of Texas and are External Examiners at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London.


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