Atget (crater)

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Atget crater EN0108828540M.jpg
Atget is the dark crater in the lower middle of this photograph.
Coordinates25°39′N 193°56′W / 25.65°N 193.93°W / 25.65; -193.93Coordinates: 25°39′N 193°56′W / 25.65°N 193.93°W / 25.65; -193.93
Diameter100.0 km
EponymEugène Atget

Atget crater, named after the French photographer Eugène Atget, is distinctive on the planet Mercury's surface due to its dark color. Atget crater is located within Caloris basin, near Apollodorus crater and Pantheon Fossae. The dark color of the floor of Atget is in contrast to other craters within Caloris basin that exhibit bright materials on their floors, such as the craters Kertész and Sander. Other craters on Mercury, such as Basho and Neruda, have halos of dark material but the dark material does not cover the crater floors.