Athabasca Northern Railway

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Athabasca Northern Railway
Athabasca Northern Railway logo.png
Reporting mark ANY
Locale Alberta
Dates of operation 2000–2007
Predecessor Canadian National Railway
Successor Canadian National Railway
Length 325 km (201.9 mi)

The Athabasca Northern Railway (reporting mark ANY) was a shortline railway in Alberta Canada.

The ANR operated a line running 325 kilometres (201.9 mi) between Boyle, Alberta and Fort McMurray, Alberta.

It was owned by Cando Contracting Limited[1] and connected with the Canadian National Railway in Boyle, its former owner.[2]

The line was set to be abandoned on December 17, 2007 because of deteriorating track conditions.[3] However, the line was re-acquired by Canadian National in December 2007.[4]


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