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Athabasca University Press
Parent company Athabasca University
Founded 2007
Country of origin Canada
Headquarters location Athabasca, Alberta
Distribution UBC Press (Canada)
University of Washington Press (US)
Combined Academic Publishers (EMEA)
East West Export Books (Asia Pacific)[1]
Official website

Athabasca University Press (or AU Press) is a scholarly publisher and a division of Athabasca University. As the first scholarly press established by a university in the twenty-first century, the Press is intended to enhance the reputation of Athabasca University as a world leader in digital open access publishing. Since its 2007 founding, the Press has published over 120 peer-reviewed books, which include titles in North American Western history, labour studies, distance and online education, and indigenous studies. AU Press has also published works of fiction, drama, poetry, and autobiography, both original and translated. A number of the Press's titles have garnered academic awards, in fields ranging from history and archaeology to creative non-fiction to distance education; other titles have been recognized for their outstanding design.[2] AU Press also publishes websites with content that has scholarly parameters and standards, especially grey literature on distance learning; and primary sources in labour studies, Métis and Aboriginal Studies, gender studies, and the environment.[3]

In order to serve the needs of a global community of adult learners, AU Press is dedicated to open access and digital publishing. To fulfill this mandate, AU Press allows users to freely access digital publications from its website, in addition to producing and selling printed books. All works are licensed under a Creative Commons license, in which users may reproduce the material for non-commercial purposes, provided that they give credit to the original author.[4]


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