Athalya Brenner

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Athalya Brenner

Athalya Brenner-Idan (born 17 July, 1943 in Haifa, Israel[1]) is a Dutch-Israeli biblical scholar. She is currently Professor Emerita of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament at the University of Amsterdam and Professor in Biblical Studies at Tel Aviv University.[2]

Brenner studied at Haifa University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem before doing a PhD at the University of Manchester under the supervision of James Barr.[1] She taught for a time at Oranim Academic College.

Alice Ogden Bellis noted in 2007 that in recent years, more than any other woman, Brenner has been at the forefront of feminist biblical studies. Bellis goes on to suggest that in her book I Am: Biblical Women Tell Their Own Stories, Brenner is "erudite, witty, clever, feisty, and not at all religious."[3]

She is currently president of the Society of Biblical Literature.[4]


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