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Atheos screenshot.png
The AtheOS desktop
DeveloperKurt Skauen
Working stateDiscontinued
Source modelOpen source
Latest release0.3.7 / October 9, 2001; 18 years ago (2001-10-09)
LicenseGNU General Public License

AtheOS is a discontinued free and open source operating system for x86-based computers.[1] It was initially intended as an AmigaOS clone,[2] but that objective was later abandoned.[3] It is no longer in development, and has been superseded by the Syllable operating system.[4]


It was created entirely by a Norwegian programmer, Kurt Skauen, from 1994 to the early 2000s; AtheOS was announced to the world in March 2000 on Usenet.[citation needed] Although it was licensed as free software, Skauen was more hesitant to accept contributions from the public than other free and open source operating system projects. The availability of the code under the GNU GPL allowed other developers to launch Syllable, a fork from the AtheOS code base, with ongoing development.

Skauen ported KHTML to AtheOS[5] in order to create the ABrowse web browser.



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