Atheel al-Nujaifi

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Former Governor
Atheel al-Nujaifi
Eziden und andere Minderheiten in Ninive (Gastvortrag), (033) der geladene Gastredner Athiel al-Nudschafi, Gouverneur von Ninive.jpg
Former Governor of Nineveh
In office
April 2009 – May 28 2015
Preceded by Duraid Kashmoula
Personal details
Born 1958
Mosul, Iraq
Nationality Iraq
Political party al-Hadba
Relations Usama al-Nujayfi (Brother)
Children 5
Alma mater University of Mosul
Profession Businessman
Religion Sunni Islam

Atheel al-Nujaifi (Arabic: أثيل النجيفي‎; born 1958) is an Iraqi politician who was the Governor of Nineveh Province from April 2009 until May 2015.[1][2]

Nujaifi was born into a prominent Moslawi family in 1958. His ancestors were closely aligned with the Ottoman rulers of Mosul, resulting in them receiving huge grants of land in Hamdaniya district. Nujaifi has degrees in Engineering and Law from the University of Mosul.[3]


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