Atheism in Christianity

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Atheism in Christianity
Atheism in Christianity (German edition).jpg
The German edition
Author Ernst Bloch
Original title Atheismus im Christentum
Country Germany
Language German
Subject Christian theology
Publisher Herder and Herder
Publication date
Published in English
Media type Print (Paperback)

Atheism in Christianity (German: Atheismus im Christentum) is a 1968 book by Marxist philosopher Ernst Bloch.[1][2] The book offers a third way to the Christian/atheist either/or debate. Gareth Jenkins from Socialist Review says that Bloch "argues that there are liberatory, 'atheist' elements within Christianity with which socialists should make common cause."[3]

Critical reaction[edit]

Nicholas Lezard of The Guardian called it "exhilarating to read".[1]


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